Scattered Pictures Packages

Our most popular packages are the 3-Chapter and the 4-Chapter packages
This is a case where LESS is MORE. Don’t throw in your entire photo collection. Pick the best of the best photos.
Beyond 6 chapters (150 photos), the price per chapter goes up to $69 per additional chapter.

Package Includes: Package Price
One Chapter 25 Photos, 1 Song, Master plus 1 copy $139.95
Two Chapters 50 Photos, 2 Songs, Master plus 1 Copy $189.95
Three Chapters 75 Photos, 3 Songs, Master plus 2 Copies $244.95
Four Chapters 100 Photos, 4 Songs, Master plus 2 Copies $294.95
Five Chapters 125 Photos, 5 Songs, Master plus 3 Copies $349.95
Six Chapters 150 Photos, 6 Songs, Master plus 4 Copies $399.95
Extra Chapters: 25 Photos & 1 Song $69/Chapter

Additional Services Beyond Packages Above (Optional)

Creative Consulting: Up to 30 minutes of pre-production time is included in Package.  Additional Creative Consulting is Available at the rate of $30 per half hour. $30 / Half Hour
Video Clips: Up to 4 video clips, no longer than 30 second in length each, requiring no editing, can be inserted. $25 /Clip
Additional Photos: Additional Photos/slides may be added to any package @ $2 each $2 / Additional Photo
Additional Music: For each additional song added to your video album, please add $15 $15/ Additional Music
Additional Titles : Additional titles (up to 5 words) can be inserted anywhere in your Video Album.  Please print title on separate page. Please add $10/Title (up to 5 words) $10 / Additional Titles
Additional Copies : $10 / Copy $10 / Additional Copy

Please call us if you have any questions: 617-332-3300, our Scattered Pictures designer will be happy to help you.

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