Step 4. Opening & Closing Titles

After you’ve come up with a chapter outline, gathered the photos, picked out the songs, the next step is to craft an opening and a closing message for the video album.

After going through the photos and songs, an opening title could just pop up in your head … Or it could take a lot more thought and discussion with your loved ones. Think of them as a Video Greeting Card, or a written, personal sentiment.

They can be a sentimental message, a quote or a catch phrase that has meaning to the recipient, or as as simple as “Happy 50th Anniversary, Mom & Dad”. Several Bar/Bat Mitzvah video albums simply have the boy or girl’s full name as the opening title.

Think of the closing message like how you would sign a card.

We play the first song behind the opening message, and the last song behind the closing message.
Do stay under 50 words so the title doesn’t take up too much of the opening song or the closing song.

Below are some examples to get you started ….

Opening Titles Ideas

Benjamin William Shriver
Congratulations, You Did It!
We are so proud of the young man you have become …
Here’s to Another 20 years of the Great Adventure

Closing Titles Ideas
We love you Ben, Mom, Dad & Tracy
Ben, we are so proud of you. Mom, Dad & Tracy
You’ve got what it takes, Ben. Good Luck!
Have a Wonderful Retirement.
Congratulations on Your Retirement.
You’ll Always Be In Our Heart ….

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