Step 1. What’s the story?

You’re trying to tell a story. Whether it’s for your parents’ 50th anniversary, or your daughter’s Bat Mitzvah or your son’s Graduation, there’s a story you’re crafting.

Just as a story book is divided into chapters, your Scattered Pictures (R) Video Album is also organized by Chapters.

The storyline can be CHRONOLOGICAL … For example, for a Wedding Anniversary:

  • Chapter 1 – Wife with her family of origin, before marriage
  • Chapter Organization

  • Chapter 2 – Husband with his family of origin, before marriage
  • Chapter 3 – Dating and wedding photos
  • Chapter 4 – Mom & Dad and young children
  • Chapter 5 – Mom & dad at kids graduation, vacations

Or the storyline can be THEMATIC… For example for a Sweet 16 Birthday:

  • Chapter 1 – The birthday girl, from birth to teenager
  • Chapter 2 – Family – siblings, cousins, grandparents
  • Chapter 3 – Sports / athletic activities
  • Chapter 4 – Friends – preschool, neighbors, summer camp, high school, prom night

Or the storyline can be Both Chronological and Thematic

For example right now we are doing a video album for a 21st birthday:

  • Chapter 1 – Baby/Toddler Years
  • Chapter 2 – School Years
  • Chapter 3 – Son and Mom (feeding baby, 1st halloween, birthday party, picnic)
  • Chapter 4 – Son and Dad (teaching him to ride bike, at Red Sox game, at golf)
  • Chapter 5 – Music Concerts (violin recitals, awards, music summer camp)
  • Chapter 6 – Smogasboard (birth to 21 years old sampler)

You’re starting to see, there’s no right and wrong way of breaking up the story into chapters.  It’s your story.  Sometimes, it’s also influenced by the photos you have.  Your camera was out of commission all through child’s elementary school years, hey, there won’t be a chapter on that.

At the end of this step, you should have a list of your chapter organization:

  • Chapter 1 – ?
  • Chapter 2 – ?
  • Chapter 3 – ?
  • Chapter 4 – ?

Once you have your Chapter Outline, it’s time to choose your photos.  For each chapter, choose 25 photos and a song to go with the photos.

Step 2 – Tips on Choosing Photos

Step 3 – Songs Suggestions

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