Step 2. Choose Photos

Once you have the Chapter Outline for your video album, the next step is to select photos for each chapter.
Photos can be in any format: hardcopy Kodak prints, 35mm slides, oversized class photos, digital SD cards, or scrapbook pages. We’ll scan them to digital images for your video album.

Each chapter needs 25 photos. There are several reasons we limit each chapter to 25 photos.

  1. 25 photos is around how long most songs are
  2. Less is More. Keep the story tight, too many photos make it drag.
  3. The best of the best. When you can only choose 25 photos, you get very picky.  You find the best of the best.

How to mark the order of  your photos?

  • Most of our clients have a specific order they’d like their photos presented in the show.  How best to mark the sequence number on the photos?
  • Sort the photos, lay them out in sequence before you write the sequence number on them.
  • Write on the back of the photos with great care – gently and lightly.
  • Use a China Marker also called a grease pencil (under $2 at Staples).  If you don’t have access to a China Marker, use a dull pencil.
  • Make sure the writing is completely dry, non smudgeable, before you stack the photos.
  • Please do not use yellow sticky – they come off easily, and also jams up our scanner.
  • When you have all 25 photos for each chapter, put them in an envelope or a sandwich bag labelled with the chapter number.

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