The Scattered Pictures® Video Photo Album is a video production, complete with music, titles and video special effects, made from your photos, slides and flat artwork.

It’s a priceless gift for celebrating any occasion...

There is No Better Gift than The Gift Of Memories!

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A Professionally Choreographed Video Montage for Every Celebration

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Liz Theiler, on her husband's 80th birthday Video Montage:

Dave Holjo, on her daughter's Sweet 16 Video Montage:

Don’t Ever Call It a Slideshow!

Scattered Pictures is a division of Play it Again Video in Newton, MA. We've been creating custom choreographed video photo albums for family since 1986.

Our mission is simple: To make you cry. When a parent watches his daughter's Sweet 16 video montage and is so moved by the beauty and memories, he cries - that's a success. When a husband previews the anniversary video montage we made for his 25th anniversary and tears up - we've done well again.

Don't ever call our Scattered Pictures Video Album a slide show - we get mightily offended. If you need a plain fade-in fade-out photo slide show, ask any teenager in the neighborhood to help you. If you are looking for something professional, something that will make you and your guests cry, give us a call.

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A Scattered Pictures Video Album is an ideal way to relive the happy memories at your special celebration whether it is an engagement party, a graduation celebration, an office retirement, a Sweet 16th birthday or a 90th birthday party.